Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


St. Cloud, Florida

Preserving the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic


In April 2010 Boy Scout Marshall Polston made it his Eagle Scout project to clean up the Cemetery, which was a daunting project considering the remoteness of the area, no running water, no electricity and  alot of physically demanding work in the hot summer heat of Florida.

ON Sunday September 12, 2010 the Sons of Union Veterans performed a Headstone Rededicated Ceremony using an old ceremony adapted from a 1917 Grand Army of the Republic ceremony.
Department Commander Robert Chandler asks everyone to rise for the National Anthem played by Dr. Phillips H. S. Band
ABOVE: Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Department of  Florida Commander Robert Chandler asks everyone to please rise for the National Anthem; played by the Dr. Phillips H. S. Band (OPENING SPEECH)
ABOVE: Boy Scouts of America Scout Master Brett Courier of Troop 6 in Orlando speaks about the great effort by the Boy Scouts to restore the Vineland Cemetery and introduces Marshall Polston who lead them in restoration of the Vineland Cemetery, for his Eagle Scout project. 
ABOVE: Scott and Nancy Henderson listen to Marshall Polston tell his story.
ABOVE: After reciting the Gettysburg Address Marshall Polston breifly told how he found out about the Vineland Cemetery and gave credit to all the Scouts and the people in the local community that helped him acheive the clean up of Vineland Cemetery.
ABOVE: Scott Henderson Owner of Vineland Cemetery speaks of his efforts over the years to care for the Vineland Cemetery and praises Marshall Polston

on his restoration of the grave site.

ABOVE: Singer Lois Williams of St. Luke's Methodist Chuch sings the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

ABOVE: Department Commander Robert Chandler orders the Color Guard to post their flags. Sons of Veterans Reserve Commander James Ward leads the guard to post the colors in the Vineland Cemetery.

ABOVE: The Rifle Guard is  Assembled to deliver the salute. Sons of Confederate Veterans Kim Cullars and Boy Scouts of America Jeff Cox; SUVCW, Past Department Commander Buck Custer; Re-Enactor 2nd FL. Dwight Dorr and SUVCW Camp 5 Glen Cremeans looking towards the camera. 
ABOVE: Don Johnson's 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery prepares to fire a salute.
ABOVE: Rifles are fired delivering a salute over the graves of the Union soldiers buried in Vineland Cemetery
ABOVE: The 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery Cannon fires in an alternating patten with the Rifle Guard until 21 gun salute is completed.
ABOVE: SUVCW Past Department Commander Harvey Linscott coordinates the alternating Rifle and Cannon salute. TAPS is played by bugler Mathew Brady.

ABOVE: SUVCW Department Chaplain Robert Fisk leads the procession as they

exit the Vineland Cemetery after the Headstone Rededication.


Brother Fisk is flanked by Scott and Nancy Henderson; followed by SUVCW Past Department Commander Ronnie McCracken, Scout Master Brett Courier and

Boy Scout Marshall Polston in rear. 

ABOVE: Singer Nancy Yarger of St. Lukes Methodist Church sings "Amazing Grace" as they exit the Vineland Cemetery. 
ABOVE: SUVCW Department Commander Robert Chandler walks with Sons of Veterans Reserve Commander James Ward as they exit the Vineland Cemetery after rededication.
SUVCW Department Commander now called for those who had a wreath to place them at the graves. ABOVE: Leading the way are Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War sisters Virginia Okie and Past Tent President Linda Smith of Tent 10 in Tampa, Florida.
ABOVE: SUVCW Commander of Lucius L. Mitchell Camp 4, Michael Farrell, brings a wreath to be placed at the graves.
ABOVE: SUVCW Department Commander Robert Chandler hands out awards to the Boy Scouts who cleaned up the Vineland Cemetery. The Commander then concluded the Ceremony. (Dept. COMMADERS FINAL WORDS)
Standing Proud; SUVCW Past Department Commander Ronnie McCracken retrieves our National Colors.
Due to the spirit of fellowship between Marshall Polston and the people of this community, both Honor and Dignity is now restored to this hallowed ground. THANK YOU from the SUVCW

We wish to give honorable recognition to the following: 


Orange County Sheriffs Offfice


American Legion 


Veterans of Foreign Wars


Combat Veterans Association


Boy Scouts of America


Sons of the American Revolution


Sons of Confederate Veterans


Air Force JROTC, Dr. Phillips High School


Dr. Phillips High School Band


Saint Lukes Methodist Church


Don Johnson's First Pennsylvainia Light Artillery